Dec 21, 2009

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

For anyone who thinks this rally isn't almost over, just compare the charts with the diagram-upside down of course.

Dec 20, 2009

Actual Chart of Great Depression

Here is an accurately proportioned chart of the Great Depression with some crude wave labeling. I have placed on the chart where I think we may be currently. There are 2 options depending on the size and degree of the current depression. Well actually, there are 3, this could be the end of B.

What is an ABC Wave?

2012 - A New Beginning

The mayan calendar ends in 2012. Many take this to be the end of the world. But actual translation is for a "A New Beginning".  This chart shows what I think other Elliot Wave Theorists are missing. The waves  A, B, and C are normally of similar length timewise, provided the trajectory is of a similar angle.  On this chart, I have made the 3 boxes equal, but more than likely B will be drawn out longer and C will be shorter, due to their nature as well as the effects of the excessive government stimulus and liquidity being pumped into the system causing B to drag out longer than it normally would. The C wave is usually a more powerful wave and should take a sharper trajectory downward, but it doesn't have to, so I put the average scenario on the chart. This also plays into my 10-15%  market correction with a run to 1230 on the S&P before it plummets to the area between 120 and 400. UPDATE 12/21: based on current action there should be at least a 15% correction if not more. This correction COULD be the end of the B wave as well.

Dec 12, 2009

Stock Market vs. Dividend Yield

I think we have much further to go before we get to previous bottoms.

Great Depression Chart 10/1928-12/1954

Just to kick off this blog, I think a post showing our future is in order. This can be used in case of fire as a reference. It looks like we are mirroring 1929 right now.